Aerials: Made for Alaska

“Alaska begins when you leave the ground,” so the saying goes. Nothing lifts production values (so to speak) like adding a few stunning aerials of Alaska to your video. The problem is, not everyone can afford it—until now.

In the course of producing the official marketing video for most destinations around the state, we inevitably had to hire a helicopter for that “money shot”. In every case, it was expensive ($4-6k) and logistically painful to arrange a helicopter for just a couple hours.

Alaska Channel has a Cessna 182, equipped with its own custom aerial mount, based at Merrill Field in Anchorage.  We’ve acquired hours of stunning, high definition forward-facing aerial footage of mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes—you name it—in all of Alaska’s seasons. Just a few seconds of this can really transform your production.

We offer economical options to provide you with aerial footage.